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Link chibi, with navi and pedestal by Videogamefreak2012 Link chibi, with navi and pedestal :iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 3 14 Batman and Robin by Videogamefreak2012 Batman and Robin :iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 2 0
Alright so here will be out list of people, on everyone that has joined, hopefully this will make it easier for everyone if they are trying to find out who everyone is I will also put a link of they're application page next to the name of their other self so I hope everyone has an awesometimw and I hope to see you at meets
VideoGameFreak2012 : Jessie Lampbec application:
Wannab3otaku: NA application: yet to be filled out 
Shiyado: NA application: yet to be filled out 
Seal125: NA application: yet to be filled out 
:iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 1 0
Both pictures together! by Videogamefreak2012 Both pictures together! :iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 3 4 And now we're animals! :D by Videogamefreak2012 And now we're animals! :D :iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 4 150 Animal people! by Videogamefreak2012 Animal people! :iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 3 3 Zelda Symphony concert tickets, Toon Link plush :3 by Videogamefreak2012 Zelda Symphony concert tickets, Toon Link plush :3 :iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 3 4 Hetalia stuff! :3 by Videogamefreak2012 Hetalia stuff! :3 :iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 3 0 FMA stuff :3 by Videogamefreak2012 FMA stuff :3 :iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 4 8
Toon Links Survey
Hello Smashers,
Please fill out this small survey for the benefit of the system of the fight. Please be honest.
How have you liked Super Smash Bros. Brawl so far?
Its awesome! No complaints from me!
What do you think of these fighters?
Link: he's like a brother to me! :D
Kirby: ummm, well I havent really talked to him much yet.....
Samus: Shes nice, but also aggressive
Pikachu: too cute!!! (nuf said)
Luigi: Haven't really talk to him a lot....
Zelda: She's pretty cool, she acts all high class and noble, but she is a really sweet person
Sheik: Silent but deadly... or at least that's what I think..
Pit: He is awesome! He has become a great friend! I have become closer to him then anyone here, (a.k.a. Pit and Toon Link have now become besties :D)
Pokemon Trainer: .... sorry, but who?
Ivysaur: ..... haven't really talked to him much
Ike: He's pretty cool, nice guy
Toon Link: I love myself :D
Have you had a good experience fighting?
Um yeah ..... even though I lost to Pit and Marth when we
:iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 3 4
Hetalia Oc- Beijing/Akiyoshi Yao
Name: Beijing/Akiyoshi Yao
Gender: Male
Year of Birth: May 16th, 1271
Age:741 (in people years, In country years he's in his teens)
Languages Spoken: Chinese and Japanese 
Hair Color: Brown 
Eye Color: Chestnut brown
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 119 lbs
Family: China/Wang Yao, Japan/ Kiku Honda 
Personalty: Silent, doesn't like to talk much, but still a kind and sensitive soul
Likes: Calm people, and food
Dislikes: Crazy and loud people and trying to make new friends (even though he has alot)
Personal: Is afraid of drastic changes, and unfamiliar things
:iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 2 2
Link aplication
Name: Link
Age: 17
Personality: Easy-going, determined , sleepy 
Do you have a loftwing?: Yes, I have a crimson (red) Loftwing
Will you need a dorm in the academy?: No
Favorite Foods:  I'm Willing to try anything
Weaknesses: Tires easily and when I get angry I lose all senses  and act on impulse and with brute force
Strong Points:  I'm good with a sword, and also I have a many different weapons at my disposal. I'm also a good puzzle solver and can easy find my way out of a locked room
Family: I don't really have a family, but Headmaster Gaepora and Zelda treat me like family
Role-Play Sample: Link: *nervous* hehe what makes you say that, oh! look at the time *walks away*
Anything you'd like to add about yourself?: Nope not really
:iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 1 21
Hetalia Oc- Berlin/Bruno Vargas
Name: Berlin/Bruno Vargas
Gender: Male
Year of Birth: March 16th, 1192
Age: 820 (in people years, In country years he's in his teens)
Languages Spoken: German and English
Hair Color: Blonde ( has Italy's little curl hair)
Eye Color: Orange
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: 130 lbs
Family: Italy/Feliciano Vargas and Germany/Ludwig
Personalty: Happy and free spirited (he gets that all from Italy =3), but still a kind and sensitive soul
Likes: Wurst (Germany always feed him that), football (that's soccer in every other country but America) and Cleanness 
Dislikes: Uncleanness and outgoing people (even though his best friend is Washington D.C) 
Personal: Is afraid of disappointing his family and tries his hardest to makes his family happy
:iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 2 0
Hetalia Oc- Washington/William D.C Jones
Name: Washington/ William D.C Jones
Gender: Male
Year of Birth: July 16th, 1826
Age: 186 (In people years, In country years he's in his teens)
Languages Spoken: English
Hair Color: Goldish Brown (Has Canada's Little long curl in the front)
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Height: 5 feet and 10 inches
Weight: 125 lbs
Family: America/Alfred F Jones, Canada/Matthew Williams and Ottawa/Oliver Williams
Personalty: Outgoing, Rarely mad or Sad, Talkative, Might not seem like it but loves his family to pieces
Likes: Burgers (he gets that from America......), people
Dislikes: People that are rude to his family, especially his twin brother (Ottawa/Oliver Williams)
Personal: Is afraid of the dark, only his family and really close friends know this because he sees it as a weakness
:iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 2 0
Hetalia Oc- Ottawa/Oliver Williams
Name: Ottawa/Oliver Williams
Gender: Male
Age: 186 (In people years, In country years he's in his teens)
Year of Birth: July 16th, 1826
Languages Spoken: English and French
Hair color: Blonde (has America's hair curl on top)
Eye color: Red
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Weight: 55.3383 kg (122 lbs)
Family: America/Alfred F Jones, Matthew/Canada Williams and Washington/William D.C Jones
Personalty: Some what timid but very smart, not very talkative, but loves his family
Likes: Hockey, Snow, and kind people
Dislikes: Hot blazing sun, rude people and rain
Personal: Is terribly afraid of thunder. So scarred of thunder when ever it strikes he cant even more, it shakes him to his very core
:iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 2 6
Toon Link SSBB-RP-Party Application
Hello from Super Smash Co.,
Super Smash Company is a prestigous organization that trains and perfects aspiring fighters and shapes them into fierce champions. We have dedicated ourselves to delivery entertainment to the public in the form of skilled sport. Recently, we have been remodeling ourselves but we have revived anew to open our new season: Brawl. 
We understand that you may be interested in this once in a lifetime opportunity to join the best of the best and rise to the top. While you are there, you will meet people whose skill match your own and be pushed to strive past your limits. If you are hesitant, don't be. Super Smash Co. has made sure that their equipment is effective but safe. We have professional and gifted doctors that live close to the living arrangements of our fighters. 
If you are willing to step to the challenge...If you want to be a champion...If you want to be a brawler...
Build up your courage, sign this pamplet and send it in. You ma
:iconvideogamefreak2012:Videogamefreak2012 1 8


it's blue by YerBlues99 it's blue :iconyerblues99:YerBlues99 31 14 Art trade by Shiyado Art trade :iconshiyado:Shiyado 7 4 Crayola Challenge by Shiyado Crayola Challenge :iconshiyado:Shiyado 19 6 Laughs//i wish i had an art tablet by Shiyado Laughs//i wish i had an art tablet :iconshiyado:Shiyado 14 12 WIP-MSpaint-mouse by Shiyado WIP-MSpaint-mouse :iconshiyado:Shiyado 4 7 Drawcast- Frozen Fever by Shiyado Drawcast- Frozen Fever :iconshiyado:Shiyado 7 0 Bottle Miku redraw 3 by Shiyado Bottle Miku redraw 3 :iconshiyado:Shiyado 8 0 Daily doodles by Shiyado Daily doodles :iconshiyado:Shiyado 14 2 (Late) Happy Birthday LlamaCow~! by Shiyado (Late) Happy Birthday LlamaCow~! :iconshiyado:Shiyado 11 3 I GIVE UP by Shiyado I GIVE UP :iconshiyado:Shiyado 4 0 Sketch trade- TheNeonNinja11 by Shiyado Sketch trade- TheNeonNinja11 :iconshiyado:Shiyado 6 9 School projects by Shiyado School projects :iconshiyado:Shiyado 6 3 Choice by Shiyado Choice :iconshiyado:Shiyado 18 5 Friday Frustration by Shiyado Friday Frustration :iconshiyado:Shiyado 5 4 Adopted bbu by Shiyado Adopted bbu :iconshiyado:Shiyado 9 3 Miyazu by Shiyado Miyazu :iconshiyado:Shiyado 5 0

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Journal Entry: Wed Apr 10, 2013, 2:34 PM
Welp some friends told meh bout the journal skin stuff so I thought I should try it out~ so far me likey :D

Artwork by karudoll


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Jessica Lauren Campbell
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a total nerd for video games and in some occasions I like to see them made fun of, or laugh at their pain (if it is a character i don't like).

P.S. i didn't draw this picture, I found off the internet and I really liked it. So that means that i do not own the picture... so full credit goes to the person who made it . THANKS!!!


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